Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mobile blogging

Well, this is just a nonsense post. I am trying to post from my new mobile phone. Wondering if it is going to work out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Things to say

1) I love my family. They are wonderful folks.

2) Sorry to hear that the fat cyclist's wife Susan passed away last week. To read more about her/their battle with cancer, visit his website.

3) The weather is great at the moment. And I don't have time to spend as much time outside as I would like to. That leads to frustration...

4) I have bought myself a new mobile phone today. An iPhone.

5) I like it when things finally work out in the way I want them to. Especially if it took very long to plan them.

6) Dinner tonight will probably be pasta with lemon sauce.

7) This is my father's aunt. She celebrated her 100th birthday in March this year. I want to be as happy and healthy as she is when I am old.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally home

It's 11:14 pm and I am finally home after a very long day. I had to leave the house early in the morning to go to work. One of my colleagues is on vacation, one is sick and one went home at 10 am because she was on call yesterday. So there were only two other residents besides me at work today - for 60 in-patients and a more than full emergency room. Great, especially on a Friday. All the more because it is my grandfather's 80th birthday today and I wanted to leave early (around 2 pm).
Well, I left the hospital at 4:30 pm and went straight to the restaurant where my whole family was already eating loads of cake. I was so tired when I arrived but after a while I felt better and could enjoy it. It was so great to see them all! The party went on and we had a lot of fun. I realized once again how much I love my family!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Tour de France 2009 - a look back

More than one week has passed since the end of this year’s Tour de France. Time for me to look back and name some of the tops and flops of the race (as seen by me and in no particular order).

Kenny van Hummel – for not stopping until a crash forced him to abandon
Armstrong – for a great comeback and third place
Heinrich Haussler – for his stage win in the rain
Andy Schleck – for his strength and maturity despite his young age
Wiggins – for finishing fourth overall and suddenly being a GC contender
Cavendish – for incredible 6 stage wins
Nocentini – for several days in yellow
Contador – for his second TDF win
B. Feillu, Le Mevel and the French riders in general – is it just me or are they getting better again?
Tony Martin – for his superb ride on the Ventoux stage

Astarloza – for failing a drug test, even if it wasn’t during the tour
Evans – what has happened to him? Not sure if his performance is a flop or a sign of whatever
Sastre – same as Evans
Boonen – why did he even sue the organizers to be there?
the route

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The greatest month of the year starts today!

You're wondering why I think August is the best?

Well, I was born in August. My Dad was born in August. My grandfather and my grandmother were born in August. That makes four (three since my grandma's death a few years ago) birthday parties in just one month. That's reason enough to like it.

Another thing I really like about August is that the weather tends to be stable and warm. Often better than in June or July when we get a lot of thunderstorms in the evenings.

And it is that time of the year when a lot of fruits and vegetables in the garden can be harvested.

So there are many reasons to like August. But I have to admit that I like the fact about my birthday the best!