Monday, June 22, 2009

A busy weekend

I'm so glad the weekend is over! That might sound a bit strange because weekends are normally a time where one can relax and recover from the stress of the week.

Well, my weekend was busy, too busy. I was on call Saturday, fortunately only during the day. When I got home at nearly 10 pm, I was so tired that I went straight to bed.

Sunday morning was spent remodeling the kitchen in my new appartment. It's still far from finished but at least I've reached a point where one can imagine what it's going to look like some day. I'm going to post pictures soon.

After lunch with my parents I went biking. The summer is finally here and I don't know how long the good weather is going to last. So I just had to go - despite feeling already exhausted before my ride.

Seeing these cows was one of the positive moments of the tour. Apart from that, it wasn't a pleasure at all. My legs were too tired and the hills felt like mountains.
I'll give it another try next weekend.

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