Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another try

During my recent trip to Italy, I tried to hike up the mountain shown below. It's Monte Penna in Northern Italy.

I already wanted to go up there last year but didn't find the time. So I postponed it. In March this year I was in Italy again but it was impossible to get up there because the road leading to the start point of the hike was still closed because of snow.

Well, this summer I got up early, drove to the start point, started the hike and even made it to one of the neighboring mountain tops. And took the photo shown above. It is the closest I have ever been to Monte Penna. Because shortly after the picture was taken, big dark clouds rolled in and a thunderstorm was getting nearer and nearer.

So I decided to turn around and go back to my car. It would have been to dangerous to go on. I was told that the view from the top is amazing. Guess I'll have to wait another year...

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