Saturday, May 30, 2009

Italy once again

Last summer I was on vacation in Italy - for the umpteenth time. I normally don't spend much time at the coast, I use to stay in the rural areas where I find it even more beautiful. There are fewer tourists, better food (= not only pizza and pasta) and great landscapes to discover! And you might even meet some original Italians.

Like this one:

The lonely cow on a hill. Well, not really lonely, there were much more. But this one has found a great place to look around.

Or you might see this one:

Near our appartment is a river where you can go swimming in the summer. Lizards like it there, too.

I am not sure if I like the next Italian I'm going to show you:

Found on our back porch.

You always have to be careful when you go somewhere:

Wild horses might show up right in front of you car.

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