Friday, May 22, 2009

There are days

when everything goes right. And then there are days when everything goes wrong and nothing can save the day. Today belongs to the last category. At least that was what I thought when I got home from work. There had been so much trouble, especially for a Friday, that everyone was already stressed by noon.

But a few minutes after I had arrived home something happened that totally saved me from falling into deep despair: my best friend from university whom I hadn't met or even spoken to since March called! I really really like her, she's one of the people I share so many memories with that I can't imagine what life would be without her. We lived in different parts of Germany for more than one year, until I moved back here some weeks ago, so stopping by for a short visit was impossible for a long time. I am so glad about having the opportunity to see her more often again!

Now I'm editing some photos taken in the last months.

This one is from Italy (once again), taken in the beautiful area of Cinqueterre.

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